Investor DocKit

Monthly, dozens of wholesale real estate investors ask us to review and revise the contract documents they purchased at boot camps or found online for free. Most of the contracts are written so they can be used in any state for any type of property. They don’t have terms and conditions that Florida judges are familiar with and can lead to unexpected results.

Many times, the documents fail to give the investor-buyer the right to sue to enforce the contract, and – when they do – they don’t address who pays the winner’s attorney’s fees. That’s why I decided to create the Investor DocKit, a set of documents for wholesalers that I feel comfortable any Florida investor can use with confidence for almost any type of residential real estate purchase.

The Investor DocKit Includes:

Contract for Purchase and Sale
Based on the Florida FAR/Bar As-Is contract, this three-page agreement is designed to address subject-to transactions, land trust buyers who wish to hide the purchase price from the public records, and other issues that our client wholesalers have faced over the years.

Assignment of Contract
This detailed assignment of contract spells out the assignee’s obligations and makes it crystal clear what happens if they step outside the lines.

Memorandum of Agreement
This recordable document gives public record notice that there is a contract in place between the investor buyer and the property owner. If you have a “shaky” seller, this can help keep their nerves in check.

Seller Acknowledgment
In two pages, the seller acknowledges facts that help avoid allegations of deceptive practices and lack of transparency allegation from the seller against the investor buyer.

Option to Purchase
Another recordable document that can be recorded to provide public notice that the investor has an interest in the property. It is used most often when the closing is contemplated to take place later rather than sooner.

And More…

  • Tax forms from the IRS and Florida Department of Revenue.
  • Seller financing, land trust purchase price confidentiality, post-occupancy, and other contact addenda.
  • Termination and Cancellation of Contract.
  • Lease-Option Agreement.
  • Subject-to purchase disclosures and related documents.
  • Short-Term Vacation Rental Agreement.
  • Land Trust and Deed into Land Trust.

The Investor DocKit is:

The document templates are in Word format, so they can be modified in an infinite number of ways to fit any situation regardless of how “off the wall” the transaction or the parties may be. The templates can also be saved as PDF and used with your favorite electronic transaction management and signature system (DotLoop, Docusign, Authentisign, Hello Sign, etc.) for ease of use and uniformity of completion by team members new and old.

We’ve had clients tell us that they’ve paid as much as $30,000.00 for wholesale documents from boot camps and “gurus” who may have experience, but not a law degree. We can’t justify a price that high. For that reason, we’re offering three tiers of templates.

Easy to Order
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  • All Templates


  • All Templates
  • 1 Year of Legal Advice in Using the Templates


  • All Templates
  • 1 Year of Legal Advice in Using the Templates
  • We Complete the Templates for You for Your First 5 Transactions

*In all pricing tiers, updates are free for the first two years as the law or experience dictates revisions.

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